Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Nars Matte Multiple

I'm a Nars fan and was so happy when they introduced the Matte Multiple recently! It's can be used on your lips, cheeks, eyes...hence the word "Multiple"! I recently purchased for $39 (used my 15% VIB member discount) at Sephora. I bought these colors: Siam, Anquilla, and Altai. They're all pretty colors, but my favorite is Anquilla. It's a refreshing pink color perfect for Spring! The only con I have about it is that it's smaller than the Multiple and wish it was cheaper. I also wish the packaging would change because after awhile the surface rubs off. Other than that, I love the product!


  1. Really nice post ! I love Nars, and I'm looking forward to try this ! Have a nice day !

  2. Thank you UndergroundLadies! I love all their colors, but I just chose the one's that suits me! I also bought the Copacabana Multiple since it has so many uses! Have a nice day!