Saturday, August 22, 2009

Digital Harinezumi Sample

A sample from the digital harinezumi video camera. Courtesy of Urban Outfitters.

Happy Haleiwa

Right now I'm into cute stuff...Hello Kitty, Toki Doki, and Marc Jacob's cartoon name it. Now, there's a new girl in town.
She's the logo for "Happy Haleiwa". No, not the little girl that pushes the shopping cart for the old Haleiwa Supermarket.
She looks like the Japanese version of Wendy's (burgers). I'll post her picture in a few days. However, here is one of their cute totebags (with the old Haleiwa logo). They too have eco bags! Happy Haleiwa's store just opened in place of Ecosystems at the
Ward Warehouse (on Oahu) a couple of months ago. They sell all girl's things from t-shirts to chocolates! The store is too cute! Check out their website by clicking on the title above. It'll direct you to their Japanese website. Yes, they do have stores in Japan too. Sorry, no website yet for the Hawaii one.

Friday, August 21, 2009

Dans Electric

One of the latest Business Cards I fixed up and added color to.

Hope Chapel West Oahu

This is one the logos I collaborated with the HCWO team. They're now using it as their signage for their new location at Waikele!

Toki Doki

Here's one of my favorite artist, Simon Legno from Toki Doki. He was in town for an autograph session at Nordstrom. I waited for 2 hours!!! I was 3rd from the last in line. I actually bought a shirt so he can sign on it.


One of the latest shirts I did. Minami Local Motion has it online!

Hula Hula

Here is an old Hula art I did back in Fall 2008. It's called Hula Hula. What's funny is that I did another art with the same name a few seasons later. I didn't realize it until today! This one did well in the stores.

Hula Halau

Here's a new Hula shirt coming soon called, "Hula Halau". The original is with different sizes of Hula Dancers and the new one revised by my coworker has 3 Hula Dancers. Which do you like?

Finest Hula Dancers

Here's the other design featured in Local Motion's Fall 2009 lineup. It's called "Finest Hula Dancers".

Awana Dance With U

Yeah!!! This shirt has been doing well for Local Motion! It's been selling out (so far) at our Local Motion stores in Waikiki. I guess the tourist like it, so that's why I've been continuously making Hula designs. You'll see more in my blog. It's not online yet, so the only way to get it is at our stores on Oahu, Maui, and Hawaii.

Friday, August 7, 2009

Digital Harinezumi Video Camera

This is my next gift to myself. And it will be for others once I get the pictures and videos. This looks sooo cool! It captures a "dreamy" effect, like the olden days silent films and pictures with dark edges. I can't believe I finally discovered it. Thanks to www.Urban who sends me their daily bursts of emails! I can't wait to get my hands on this. I'm also thinking about a Holga or DianaF plastic cameras...however these can get quite expensive with the film and the developing. Thank you Leila who gave me at the 411 on these cameras! Check out more info on this website: or click on the title above!