Thursday, July 23, 2009

The Green Bag Lady

A mother, art teacher, and a revolutionary woman is what my friend, Teresa Van Hatten Granath is. She wants to save the world one bag at a time! I didn't know about her being the "Green Bag Lady" until I read one of her annual Christmas letters and until now, I checked out her website which is (takes you to her blog). She has given out thousands of bags for FREE! In return, you had to promise to use her bags instead of plastic. Each bag is numbered and she loves it when you provide her your picture, name, city, country, and the number of your bag so she can record it on her website. She has been on CNN, made a "How to make a Green Bag" video, and provides you on how you can be GREEN. She's always surprising me with her creations! Please check her out and help save the planet!

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Michael Jackson Memorial Tee from Hawaii

There are tons of Michael Jackson Memorial T-shirts out there, but this one from Hawaii is special! Nice simple graphic which shows a nice Michael Jackson stance. You can get your hands on one at or go down to the store....if they haven't sold out! They are selling for $5 which basically covers the cost of the printing and the blank shirt, so no profit is being made. This shirt sold out quickly at MJ's memorial in Hawaii. Only 600 shirts were made! However, they have stickers too! RIP MJ!


My favorite discovery is Judith Hill. The singer who was the lead singer for
"Heal the World" at Michael Jackson's Memorial. She was awesome!
I kept watching the video over and over! Her voice is so soulful and
quite a range! To see more of her, go to
By the way, I love her cool Obey shirt! She has great style.
Love the hair!

Monday, July 13, 2009


If anyone is wondering who Sarah she is. She's one of my close friends. We end up liking the same things from shoes to sunglasses *hee hee*. She'll give me advice on clothes and movie stars. Her name will surely pop up in more than one of my blogs.

First Page

This is a shot of me. It was a day my friend Sarah and I went crazy. We shopped at our local Nordstroms and tried on some glasses. This is my first blog, so of course yours truly is featured on the first page. Hope you enjoy the rest of my blogging!