Thursday, April 10, 2014

Feeling French Today

I finally took out my new clothes and changed up my daily uniform [jeans, old tee, and slippers (aka. flip flops)]. I feel like I can hang loose and not have to worry about sticking my belly in and my legs feel free without the denim squeezing them. I also am love with the french saying on my shirt from Topshop that says "Beau Fleur" which means Beautiful Flower. Although it doesn't have any flowers on it, I love the font! The cut is just right because it doesn't make me shorter than I look. I paired it with a black knee length skirt from H&M, and pointy flats from The Gap. I believe the flats are sold out, so you may find a similar one here and here. To add another saying, you can top it off with the dainty "kiss" necklace by Topshop!You can also top it off with a "Oui" ring by Freeman the Wire Master on Etsy!

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