Wednesday, April 16, 2014

LeSportsac x Benefit Cosmetics

My friend Sarah had to just pull me into the LeSportsac store last night. Low and behold, they had beautiful bags! So many wonderful collaborations! The Point of Sale bags upfront were the collaboration with Benefit Cosmetics. It was love at first sight! They come in all different patterns such as the Stripe-O-Gram, Baubles & Bloom (black and cream), and Catcall Dot. Most of the bags have ruffles and I'm a sucker for ruffles! There's even the famous Benefit Retro Dolls (Talk Flirty, Spice of Life) on their bags! The bags range from $28+ and comes in charms, cosmetic bags, travel bags, weekend bags, tote bags, satchel bags, wallet, messenger bags, and backpacks. I want it all, but need to just pick a few favorites! Birthday present? hint hint... They even have cute plastic Benefit pulls on the bags. I also saw other collaborations with Curtis Kulig (Love Me), Disney Tink, Disney It's a Small World, Disney Minnie Mouse, Barbie (NEW), and Seventeen. Tink or Tinkerbell would be my second favorite! Which one is your favorite?

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