Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Hello Hello Kitty and Nars

I just bought this new satin lip pencil by Nars called Isola Bella. I normally use it alone or with lip gloss. It's on the nude side but still gives me some color. I truly recommend this color! This goes on easily and feels like satin! I do need to reapply this after I eat or drink because it doesn't really leave a stain. My second best color is called Lodhi! Check it out on Sephora website!

Friday, April 12, 2013

Garance Dore visits Free People Office

I just read that Garance Dore visited Free People's workspace in Philadelphia. It looked so cool to work there and so inspiring! I love that it has restaurants inside and a library. You can also bring your dog to work! I would love it if my dogs could lounge by me, however, they would keep begging for snacks and have their ball thrown at all times. She provides vivid photos for you to see- in case you're in Hawaii like me and will probably never get to step foot in their offce. Garance ( is one of my favorite bloggers that I check on each day. Check out her other daily journals and videos when you can. You'll be inspired!