Thursday, March 6, 2014

My Pick of Scarves

I'm into scarves now since I'm getting ready to go to NY and Hawaii is also getting brrrr cold. Yes, Hawaii. It's 60+ and we are shivering in Paradise. I'm waiting for it to snow at least once since Mauna Kea had some big snowfall! heehee. Anyhow, I tried the Ralph Lauren one in the leopard print. It's nice, price is reasonable, and light. A nice alternative to a person who a person who doesn't like all leopard and pay Louis Vuitton's price. Another cozy little scarf is Nordstrom Brand. Again, it's leopard, but it's 100% cashmere. Super soft and on sale now!! I also just bought today a hankerchief/bandana/scarf from J.Crew. Nice art of fishes and pretty colors. No, this isn't for me, but my son who's fascinated with fish! I may just frame that one! It's also on sale too! It's 100% Cotton.

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