Saturday, August 22, 2009

Happy Haleiwa

Right now I'm into cute stuff...Hello Kitty, Toki Doki, and Marc Jacob's cartoon name it. Now, there's a new girl in town.
She's the logo for "Happy Haleiwa". No, not the little girl that pushes the shopping cart for the old Haleiwa Supermarket.
She looks like the Japanese version of Wendy's (burgers). I'll post her picture in a few days. However, here is one of their cute totebags (with the old Haleiwa logo). They too have eco bags! Happy Haleiwa's store just opened in place of Ecosystems at the
Ward Warehouse (on Oahu) a couple of months ago. They sell all girl's things from t-shirts to chocolates! The store is too cute! Check out their website by clicking on the title above. It'll direct you to their Japanese website. Yes, they do have stores in Japan too. Sorry, no website yet for the Hawaii one.

1 comment:

  1. the dress looks very preety named "Happy Haleiwa". it's good for girls......

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